Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Don't Mess With My Breakfast

We skipped Sunday night's weekly trip to the grocery store and went to a party instead. And did we go by bike? I'd eat my own head before I'd be caught driving a car to a house ten minutes away. The friends live on a slight hill and we walked our bikes the last two blocks so as not to arrive in a pool of sweat. The ride home in the warm summer night, all downhill, was well worth it. In fact, just the sensation of my silk shirt flapping against my skin all the way there and back -- that alone was worth it. I'd never done that before, ride a bike with a silk shirt on -- you must try it!
In the morning, I wake to discover not a stitch of protein in the house -- just produce, as far as the eye can see. Some people can't get going without their coffee, I can't launch without some protein. Or I should say, I can launch but not for long. Any form of carbs unaccompanied by protein first thing in the morning sends me crashing down an hour later.
In desperation I rummage through the cupboards and find this "Super High Protein" drink mix I bought a couple of years ago when I was going through my Batgirl phase. Mixing it up with some berries, crushed nuts and seeds rescues its taste, but an hour later my stomach's whining that there's nothing in there. By ten o'clock, after ripping across the river to my hideout and trying to work for a while, I'm compelled to pillage the hippie store around the corner and resort to some barbequed tempeh.
My advice to anybody trying to make this bike thing work: EAT A REAL BREAKFAST. In order to convince your stomach you ate something, number 1 it has to be something you can chew; and number 2 you have to sit down and eat it in a civilized manner. No stuffing it down your throat as you're running out the door. The stomach doesn't count that as eating, and it will nag you till you do it right.
Example of a successful breakfast, i.e. one that holds me till one o'clock without having to think about food: Two boiled eggs; A slice of toast (only the very best bread) with fresh ground peanut butter and 100% pure jam on it. To drink: a cup of tea. And I go through a pot or two over the course of the morning. Current favorite tea: Kukicha.
And before you do all that, don't forget to drink a full mug of water as soon as you get out of bed.


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