Sunday, February 12, 2006

Ding Dong, the wicked bike is GONE!

The bike is GONE! Poof! Completely absent! The telephone post with its handy pipe running down the side is bare. Having been entangled in remunerative pursuits in other parts of the city for most of the week, I retreated to my hideout today, Sunday, for the first time since last Tuesday. On my neglected telephone I found a message from one Goody Freed of unknown spelling, calling from the City of Portland’s Bicycle Program.

She said she was going to be out and about tomorrow [which would have been Wensday] and she would come tag the bike if I would call and give her the actual physical address. Obviously I didn’t do that, but evidently she tracked it down on her own from the description I had given the police earlier. My landlord refuses to install the address numbers on the building’s exterior no matter how much he is begged or threatened by its occupants, some of whom would like a simple way to direct their friends to their dwelling. Because they live there, they would enjoy the occasional visitor. I, however, would not. My purpose in withdrawing myself into its cavernous bowels to escape the marauding hordes from the east, west, north and south. This is a hidey-hole where no one can find me. No one.

But never mind about that. She came, she found, she confiscated. Or she tagged, as indicated in the phone message, and had someone else confiscate it. Who knows, and who cares? The nuisance is gone, and my parking spot is free at last.

THINK NOT, however, that I am now going to abandon my quest for the installation of a proper bike rack. I will resume hounding the city for the promised item. My standards are soaring by the minute as I ride around the city and discover all the clever bike racks installed downtown. I want the stainless steel one built in the shape of the Fremont Bridge, with the miniature cars and trucks careening across its two levels.


At 11:47 AM, Blogger Jessica said...

That is adorable... Where is that Fremont-shaped bike rack? What a great idea! Are there other bridge-inspired bike racks elsewhere?

At 8:43 AM, Blogger kate gawf said...

There are a whole bunch of them along Lovejoy in the Pearl District. Other bridge-inspired bike racks? No, but I think that's the greatest idea I've heard all week. There are, however, other way cool bike racks. I have a good picture of another good one and I'll post it later today.

At 3:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A friend just linked to your website, so I don't know what all you've done to hound the city. New developments have to meet the city bicycle parking code that's in section 33.266.220 of the Title 33 zoning code: (scroll to near bottom). They do have a fund that developers pay into for public bike parking if they "can't" provide short-term bike parking on-site. If I remember correctly, it started with the Pearl, because developers simply weren't building it. So now they pay instead, and get all those really cool bike racks. I don't know how that affeects you getting a bike rack where you are, but go ahead and hound the Portland Office of Transportation (aka POT) to get something. They are pretty notorious for being difficult. There may be a way of getting something done through your local neighborhood association - if they're not already buried in other stuff, it's a good way to get people on board and get a little more clout with the city. Good luck!

(And I'll keep reading your blog now because I grew up rural and don't ride in the city because it's completely different.)


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