Friday, December 02, 2005

Enlisting the Landlord to my Aid

The landlord dragged his sorry ass over to my hideout to tell me, in the most amiable and cloying way, that he was raising my rent.

Naturally I objected and saw that the time had come to unleash a string of complaints, one of which was the lack of bicycle parking. Not that this was the first time I’d mentioned it. Last time he responded by showing me an excellent spot back along the side of the building, easily arrived at by simply dragging my vehicle up some narrow steps, around a couple of tight corners and down a wee path where I could hook it to a banister but only if I were careful not to obstruct any escape routes.

He also promised, for the fourth time, to send out notices to all the tenants that whoever owns that bike should remove it. To my suggestion that he install a bike rack out on the sidewalk he answered, “If you buy it, I’ll install it.” As if that would ever happen. Good night, what kind of fool….


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