Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bailey's Bakery & Cafe

Today’s post will be quick, since yesterday’s was long, and since I woke up with something in my eye the size of a coffee table, which is driving me NUTS.

More on our trip: We went to Oysterville. Found out Yes, we could ride our bikes there next time. We met some cyclists that were doing it. The bike path went right past this restaurant: Bailey’s. I ate there what may have been the best sandwich of my known life. It’s called “Grilled Portobella Mushroom.”

She even makes all the bread herself. I still swoon when I think of that sandwich. Only one weird thing about this restaurant: no oysters. They said they’re working on it.

Here it is. You can hardly see it here, but it dows have a bike rack in front of it.


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