Thursday, December 14, 2006

Storm Thwarts Blogging Attempt

I couldn’t post the promised pictures today because when I was about to do this, I lost internet connection at my hideout. Big storm’s been building up all afternoon. The weather reports said it was supposed to be the biggest storm “ever.” Whatever that means. I rode my bike anyway, though, because it was warm out and it feels exciting to be out in a big storm as long as you’re not miserably cold. For a minute I thought “a tree could fall on me” but then I realized that could just as likely happen in a car, and judging from the flatness of certain cars I’ve seen squished by trees, the car doesn't offer much protection.

An hour ago at my parents’ house it sounded like the wind was going to bust right into the dining room. But by the time we left it was a big nothing, though the streets were strewn with big pieces of fir trees. No we did not ride our bikes. I have my limits, and one of them would be not delivering 150 pounds of cat litter to my parents by bike late at night in the pitch dark in a typhoon rain. Hello?

Sometimes you really do “just need a car.” If everybody would just use a bike whenever humanly possible, then the environment could afford a few car trips when absolutely necessary. Hey I can’t do this all by myself. I can’t make up for all the car trips in the world, I’m just barely making up for the ones I have to take. How about some help out there?


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