Monday, February 06, 2006

Bike-on-Pole update

Since returning from Mexico I’ve called twice about the promised bike rack. (scroll down and see "Rackless Endangerment" below) with no results. I’ve left messages, but – nice man no call back. Am I to conclude that he is one of those people who effuse promises and don’t follow through?

The aforementioned bike is still there, sagging more with each passing day, hanging there from my stolen pipe on the telephone pole, dying slowly of drowning, rusting away while simultaneously parched from a lack of oil.

The very picture of pathos. It’s cruel.

Not to mention inconsiderate, since all this time I’m still having to practically stand on my head to lock my bike to a banister by its back wheel.

The whole thing is too disturbing. What can I do to end the misery for all concerned? I’m thinking.

I just had an idea!! I should get the number off it and check with the police to see if it’s a stolen bike! Maybe that’s why the owner doesn’t care about it – it wasn’t really theirs in the first place. If it's stolen, I can get the police to come take it away and restore it to its rightful owner.


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