Tuesday, February 28, 2006

OK, everybody, here's the amazing truth you've all been waiting for. The second photo, taken that same evening, reveals that the thing lying on the yellow curb was: a diminutive saddle. I kid you not. Someone brought a saddle, of exactly the right size, for the tiny horse. And we can only guess that the person must have installed it onto the horse, and that the horse must have become agitated at this new experience, and bucked it right off. And then fallen over with exhaustion. Or maybe some semi-conscious passerby kicked him over. becasue as you can see, in the earlier photo the horse was lying down with the saddle nearby, and here someone has righted the horse and put the saddle back on. You can compare these photos with my others over the past weeks and see: first, no saddle; now, saddle. It appears that a number of concerned citizens have become involved in the welfare of this horse.


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