Sunday, March 19, 2006

It had nothing to do with St Patrick's day

A flash of color nabbed the corner of my eye on my way past. No car door obstructed my view, so I noticed it even though it was at street level. Traveling at bike speed, I had time for the colors to take shape before I whizzed by, causing me to recognize something that pulled up question marks in my brain. Since I was not encased in a moving metal death trap isolated from experiencing most of my environment, I stopped for a moment to take a picture.

Yes. It’s a gnome. Normally I’m not interested in gnomes, but instead of littering up a yard with them, here some altruistic person saw a place that cried out for a gnome, and installed one there for the satisfaction of the keenly observant few. I drew closer and found that in spite of the fact that I’m usually averse to gnomes, this was actually a good gnome, as gnomes go. I could also see that it had been planted there for a significant amount of time and was not just some hasty gesture of observing St.Patrick’s day.


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