Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Another plus for biking: Hairstyle of the Gods

Saving electricity and reducing noise pollution
Today’s post was written in the dead of night during a brief attack of insomnia. Now I’m getting a late start, thanks a lot. The text is all ready to go except that I can’t find the photo that goes with it. I’m so MAD. I’m mad as heck.

I have to leave now. I can’t take all day on this. Know that as you read this I’m careening through residential streets with a wet mop on my head. Why? Because I object to hair dryers, and this is the only way I can dry my hair in a hurry. I’ll stick to the small side streets and leave my helmet off till I hit Broadway. By that time my hair'll be dry as a bone and sticking straight out the way I like it. There's people that fork out big bucks for this look, but not me.

It isn’t dignified to lurch out of the house looking like you just this minute leapt from the shower. But no one will know. Tomorrow I'll be back on my usually zen morning routine.


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