Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hummer Bummer

I saw this hummer on my way to work yesterday, parked in front of the tennis club. That’s my bike in front of it. Which vehicle is cuter?

I’ve seen a yellow hummer in the neighborhood, but I hadn’t seen this one around before. They don’t seem to be that popular around here, but yesterday I saw two in one day. Last night as Lindi and I were biking over to a Thai restaurant with our two next-door neighbors, we saw this white one. Speaking of unpopular, looks like someone took a spray can to this one. I couldn’t make out the acronym. F-U-something. (A lot of graffiti people have very poor handwriting.)

My neighbor was telling how she glares ferociously at every one she sees. Someone else told me he always flips them the bird. It must be hard to have a car that makes everyone hate you. I’m dying to have a conversation with a hummer owner, because I have some questions. I’ll report back if I get the opportunity to ask them.


At 3:16 PM, Blogger c4myself said...

Just a bunch of ignorant hillbillies that can't afford one. Do you people sit around thinking of ways to TRY and be PANSIES? Your follow the idiot mentality is really startling, to say the least! HUMMER is not the ONLY vehicle on the road with poor mileage. Why don't you go around and deface a Lamborghini then? How about Ferrari? I have an Idea, why not drive down to the local truck stop and start trashing Big Rigs? MAYBE your type of people are too much of a pansy for that, but go right ahead and trash someone elses stuff like a terd you are, while no one is around. YEAH, go ahead and flip people off when you see it on the road somewhere! How about to their faces? I think you people should STOP with the threats and insults to HUMMER owners, and get a clue about ALL of the other vehicles that are JUST AS BAD! ...NO you say? That is too much work? I like the mark of an easy target you say? Well I say your a PANSY that couldn't afford one anyway, so go ahead, keep on being stupid! That's probably why you have no money in the first place!


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