Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Bike Move -- The Movie

This guy was making a movie of the move while riding a bicycle and hauling a trailer full of computer equipment all at the same time. The term “multi-tasking” seems too puny to describe it. I have since found out he is Dan Kaufman, who has his own TV cycling channel online called Crank My Chain. You can see his movie of the event at

For still more photo coverage and information on bike moves, see all the links that people posted in the comments section following my bike move posts. All are very entertaining and well-worth checking out.

Thanks everybody, for writing in and letting me know what a big dope I was for thinking I was the first to publicize this (Ha!) and for letting the world know that this weren’t no one-time, half-baked, potato-roll, but an organized and growing phenomenon. No, let’s go even further (risking accusations of horrible punning) and call it a MOVEMENT.

At least I hope it’s a movement. I wonder if it sprang forth from the loins of Portland. In any case, I hope the idea spreads like crazy all over our oil-guzzling, gas-hogging nation.


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