Friday, August 18, 2006

Party Over Here!

Now I have two things to celebrate tomorrow.

As I posted on Tuesday, I will be sitting in the garden of the Pied Cow from 3 to 5 tomorrow (Saturday) sipping away on an elixir of the gods in celebration of the one year birthday of my blog. Normally I’d be napping during that time slot, but I’m making an exception for this special occasion. I will be accompanied by the reluctantly famous Lindi (not her real name). You are cordially invited to join us. Bring money.

The address is 3244 SE Belmont Street Portland, OR 97214 (503) 230-4866. Look for an old Victorian house in the middle of the block, surrounded by trees. The sign is small and not very visible from the street. Five dollars and an extra dollar for tipping can buy you heaven-in-a-glass at this marvelous oasis.

Since I have not yet succeeded in adding the promised green balloon to my wardrobe, you may have to recognize me in some other way. Look for a bicycle or bicycle prop.

This is not a party. Did I once use the word party? No, I did not. This is a small tranquil gathering for like-minded people to come together in a civilized manner and discuss bicycles and horses in polite, subdued tones. Which brings me to the next topic of celebration, as well as tomorrow’s headline: HORSE-NAPPER CAUGHT RED-HANDED! HORSES RESCUED FROM CERTAIN DUMP-DEATH!

Would I ever lie to you? You know I wouldn’t. And though I never blog on weekends, I’m making a special exception tomorrow because this is just too good to wait till Monday. And here’s the best part: I’ll have the horses in tow at the garden! That’s it! That’s how you’ll be able to recognize me! Who needs a green balloon? Look for the horses!

And horse people: if you ever want to see your horses alive again, this is your chance. Not only can you see them, if you can convince me you’re one of the horse people, you can have them back.

It’s NAP-time in the garden of good and evil. [..wicked laughter in background..]


At 10:36 PM, Anonymous Giacomo e Giuditta said...

We will miss not being at the Pied Cow sharing an elixir with you and the horses. But we'll be there 'in spirito' at least. Tanti Auguri!


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