Friday, April 27, 2007

Ride my dashboard

One thing we cyclists notice a lot is fire hydrants. I think fire hydrants are so cute that I seriously thought about starting a blog just about them. I know all the different models and vintages and where they live. Imagine my excitement when I was privileged with a peek into how fire hydrants are transported!! I must admit I’d never given it a second’s thought. Who sees a fire hydrant and wonders how those things get from one place to another?
But I could’ve sworn I saw a whole truckload of them pass by me going the other way on Broadway. Luckily, just this one time I was in my car. I say luckily because the truck headed right onto I-84, and who knows what would have happened had I forgotten myself and tried this stunt on my bike. Before I was even sure I was seeing correctly, I flipped a U-ie in the middle of Broadway and hopped onto the freeway after it.
Now one thing I’m not good at is multi-tasking of any kind, and I do not recommend it for anyone except if sitting at a desk, indoors, surrounded by easy access to dialing 911. I especially do not encourage or engage in it when operating heavy machinery. Ever. I only did it this one time in my life, for your benefit, for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I’m pretty good at working that camera by now – I can do it with my eyes closed. Which is almost what I did here, because though my eyes were wide open, I was focusing on the road and not on the camera’s viewfinder. These were all completely blind shots, every one of them. Stuck my arm out and clicked away. So there you have it. Now, thanks to my bravery, you know about a whole area of life you were ignorant of until now.



At 8:49 AM, Anonymous Dr. R said...

I agree that hydrants are cute and very interesting. Problem is, you tell people you like them, they generally look at ya funny. Oh well. Thanks for these pics...I had no idea how they were transported, either. :)


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