Monday, April 24, 2006

Equine Death du Plastique

Everyone at work had noticed the plastic lei of flowers lein around the horse as it lei on its side on the sidewalk. Various opinions were bantered about cubeland. “What does it mean? Is the horse dead?”
“It’s been dead for weeks. It bled to death after someone amputated that leg.”
“Oh stop.”
“It’s not a funeral wreath, it’s a wreath of triumph – like they give the horse that wins the Kentucky derby.”
“But it’s plastic.”
“It’s a plastic horse, isn’t it? Plastic horse, plastic wreath.”

The scene persisted through drastic changes of rain, sun and hail until……. on April 20th, that day which evil feels compelled to honor, both horse and wreath vanished into thin air, just like the last horse.

Now there are not one but two cables that once held horses to the horse ring in the sidewalk. I'll go forthwith in search of another horse in the neighborhood, whose existence was confided to me by the mail carrier.


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