Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Return of Black Beauty

The horse is back. I shouldn't title this "The Return" of Black Beauty, but "The Replacement of the humble gray horse with the spotted behind that was there before, by a larger, proud, shiny, black horse, more aggressive, pawing the ground restlessly." But it wouldn't fit in the title box, so I've shortened it.

Its first day was Sunday. I first noticed it when I saw some nut with a big fancy camera standing over it taking a picture. "Oh please," I thought. "The world is a tinderbox and people are taking pictures of plastic horses." Tons of people. More than once I heard said about the former horse, "It must be the most photographed horse in the world."
Later that day it lay kicking on its side. Since then it has been knocked over and righted and repositioned countless times.


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