Monday, October 15, 2007

Regarding Plan B

I'm thinking that when it's too dark, or too rainy, or when the distance is a little farther than I have the time or energy for, I'll start adding the public transportation to my commuting strategy. Three things have been discouraging me from using this option so far.

1. It bugs me to shell out a dollar seventy for a ticket, both because that's what the same trip would cost me if I drove my car, and because I always have to think ahead and make sure I have that cash. Or that I have some pre-bought tickets on hand.

2. Often the bus or train ride takes just as long as a bike trip would, only without the exercise.

3. There's always the danger that the bus will already have two bikes on its rack, in which case one is supposed to wait for the next bus, which is simply unacceptable to me. Or that the train will be too crowded to roll a bike onto it, and I'll have to wait for the next train.

Two big changes are coming into my life which will address most of these issues. Details tomorrow.


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