Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Wheel Theft at Transit Center

The other day when I locked my bike up to the bike rack at the Hollywood transit center, another bike locked there had had its wheel stolen. And I know it wasn’t just taken off by its owner as is sometimes done to prevent theft, because for one, it was the back wheel, and who does that? takes off their back wheel and drags it along? No one. Two, the bike was left resting on its derailleur mechanism smack on the concrete, so obviously the bike owner wouldn’t have done that either. I took a photo I’ll post tomorrow. It looks so ravaged.

So I’m liking less and less the idea of leaving my bike there for eight or nine hours at a time. The following day I tried going back to Plan A, of taking my bike with me on the train. Just as before, I didn’t like that either. I didn’t feel confident that one of the other passengers wouldn’t just roll it off into the sunset while I was buried in my book. Or that it would remain standing throughout the wiggling of the train trip. Or that someone else boarding with other wheels (bikes, strollers, wheelchairs..) would be able to maneuver around it. And again I didn’t feel like unloading the stuff from the basket and lifting that horse of a bike onto one of the hooks. Ooof. Like sometimes I’m tired, ok? I’m not always so peppy as I may appear here on this blog. And lately my back’s been iffy, and I don’t want to push my luck.


At 1:50 PM, Blogger steve said...

Double lock your bike with a U-lock on the front wheel, and a chain lock on the rear. If you get a long enough chain you'll be able to chain it to the post as well for added security. If you make it more trouble to steal your bike than someone else's, it's less likely to get stolen.

I have a cable loop and mini U-lock I use to lock my Brooks saddle to my bike, too. At some point in my copious free time I intend to recycle an old bike chain and inner tube into a permanent lock holding the saddle on.


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