Monday, September 14, 2009

My Other Broom is an Ironing Board

If you had to choose a household appliance as a means of transportation, wouldn’t you tend to reach for a broom? Who wouldn’t think of that, first thing?

But someone has had a much better idea. Why not an ironing board? Much more comfortable. A plethora of possible riding positions. As good as surfing, if not better.

There’s one parked outside the Hollywood library. It’s locked to the bike rack with an expensive U-lock, so obviously someone cares about it. The landing gear is a little bent, so it’s been around. Clearly not something grabbed in haste for a joy ride and then dumped. Surely the owner will be back for it. But when? It’s been there for several days……

I know it doesn't belong to one of the library employees because I've seen it there early in the morning and late at night.