Tuesday, December 04, 2012

If you liked this blog, you're goina LOVE my new one!

Yes it's true. I've come back. In another life form. Like you, faithful readers, I was sorry to see this blog wind down to the end of its life span. But I knew I wouldn't last long without my old friend Blogging  -- an art form which I'm pretty sure was invented specifically for me -- so here I am at Room for a Pony -- with all the energy of a newborn baby. I am uncontainably excited!

You'll see that I've graduated from Blogspot and have moved on to Wordpress -- and not the easy one -- dot-com -- but the sophisticated one -- dot.org -- that you custom-design yourself, with all the bells and whistles you could ever want to play with!

Ok well I haven't played with them all YET. It'll be a work in progress as I learn to do more cool stuff. But those photos you'll see in the banner? Those are mine -- real live photos of my own actual junk!

I'm playing with the big kids now, baby!

Go there at roomforapony.net   [Not dot COM, but dot NET]

And if you've ever watched that British sit-com, Keeping Up Appearances, that's where the name comes from. Remember? Hyacinth is always bragging about her high class sister who has a Mercedes and "room for a pony." She doesn't actually have that ultimate symbol of the good life, but she's got room for it when the day comes. That's what I'm doing. Making room. Figuratively speaking. (I'm not aiming for an actual pony, but perhaps some sort of spiritual equivalent.)