Thursday, April 27, 2006

Helmet Light Possibly Confiscated by Aliens

Regarding my lost helmet light – I promised last time that I’d tell you how its loss is directly related to my UFO sighting of last January. Recall that I found someone else’s helmet light blinking away on the sidewalk at dusk, and gleefully snatched it up. That was my mistake. The owner might have retraced her ride in search of it. Or she might have taken the same route the next day on her way in to work, and if everyone else also left it lying there, she would have found it.

So now, my own helmet light has been snatched up in revenge. You take something, you lose something – that’s how it works. Not that it’s the same as stealing if you pick up a found object, but it will have the predictable karmic result. I know this is hard because sometimes you find something like a ten dollar bill and you think, “There’s no way I can find its rightful owner, and if I don’t pick this up, someone else will.” And you’d be right to think that. But how much sense does it make to base your actions on what someone else, some perfect stranger you’re not even going to see, might do? That’s like seeing a giant chocolate cake in the store and thinking, “If I don’t eat this, someone else will.”

If everyone left all lost objects exactly where they found them, most of them would eventually be reunited with their owners.

Come back for further spiritual guidance regarding how and why I lost my bike glove, which will include glove attributes and all consumer information pertinent to cyclists.


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