Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Plastic Horse the Third

Here we go again. Same exact spot. Same horse ring.

I suspected something like this was coming, because remember the photo of the horseless cables? (Scroll down to April 24th.) A few days later, the cables themselves were gone. The liberated ring lay begging for a new horse. A horse of a different color – orange, this time. A reliable witness told me it showed up on Sunday, which means that I stood out there without seeing it the whole time I watched the May Day march. I like to think of myself as this incredibly observant person, but….. one thing drowns out another.

A hundred diversions pull for my attention at any given minute of the day. My brain is shredded from the work of screening out the garbage and then deciding, from among what’s left, what to focus on – an excruciating, guilt-laden process ridden with “shoulds” -- that requires saying no to ten fascinating directions to be able to say yes to one.

Life is way too complicated. World events depress me. The number and magnitude of stimuli overwhelm me. I’m saying no to over-stimulation and I'm saying yes to this one square foot of sidewalk on NW 9th and Couch. With this ring I thee wed.


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