Thursday, June 08, 2006

An Actual Horse, for a change

Only a quick picture for today, taken from the park area near my aunt's house. I would like to pretend that this is a typical Guadalajara scene, but it would be misleading of me to imply that. These horses (there's another one in the background if you look closely) were probably the only horses I saw the whole time I was there. A school across the street was having a big party and some rancheros had brought them in to give horsie rides to the kiddies. (Another thing that wouldn't happen in the States because everybody's so utterly obsessed with suing and being sued -- our national hobby. Don't get me started.) So I'm offering this photo out of nostalgia for a day when a person could keep a horse to use for transportation. But again, thanks to the hogness of the car industry, there are few places left in the world where the horse remains a viable transportation option. What was wrong with it, I'd like to know. The advantages of motorized vehicles have not shown themselves to outweigh the advantages of bikes, horses, skateboards, or scooters.

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At 10:10 AM, Blogger Kim Upham said...

Don't worry...I'm sure we soon will be returning to these forms of transportation so long as gas prices continue their trend and oil becomes harder to extract. Those Portland horse rings may actually be used once again for their original purpose. Why don't you talk to those caballeros about helping us out. Oh, and watch your never know.


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