Monday, August 21, 2006

Bikes and Horses Come Together

Bike and Horse people gathered together to celebrate a common theme: Free the planet from the smog-belching Moving Metal Deathtrap. For this is the premise of RideMyHandlebars, is it not? That and one other concept, also threaded throughout the conversations of these like-minded thinkers at the birthday: If we would all just slow down, turn off our relentless chatterbox and look around, our experience of life would be so rich that the ordinary and mundane would become gloriously fascinating and irresistibly interesting.

Topics bounced around were bikes, horses, bike theft & horse-thievery, zoo-bomb riding, moving by bike, scooters, fish-noodling, disaster readiness, welding tea strainers, movie-making, bike traffic tickets, community art projects, and bike carts. Except for the occasional descent into horse-thief profiling and bike-rider stereotyping, conversation hovered pleasantly in the range of the immaculately tasteful.

We were all so enthralling that none of us appeared remotely interested in leaving until about 6:30. At the end, the horses (sporting their colorful party umbrellas) were returned to their keepers, who will assign them a new and safer spot, and we all went along our merry way.

Thank you, everyone, for celebrating with me a year of writing that has been so much fun that I often wake up in the night disappointed to find it’s not yet time to get up and blog.


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