Monday, February 19, 2007

And now the Rain Pants, as promised.

Brand: Novara.
Color: Black, no choices – fortunately, they have reflective tubing up both sides.
Good for wind as well as rain.
Super waterproof.
Breathable: which technically means that we can inhale them into our lungs. However, in the world of sportswear the word “breathable” is being used to describe fabric that allows air to move through it, thus sparing us the unbearable irony of becoming damp from the inside (from our own sweat) while engaged in the very effort of repelling dampness from the outside.
The general consensus seems to be that sometimes we have to overlook glaring misuse of the language in order to move forward. If we got bogged down in such petty matters, the president we have now would never have made it out of the starting gate and we wouldn’t be stuck in the quagmire of Iraq. So there you have it.

The best part about these rainpants is that they zip practically up to the knee, so that you can get them on over the frankensteinest of shoes. Then when you zip them back down there’s a little velcro strap to cinch the cuffs with so they don’t get caught up in moving bike parts. The right leg even has a reinforced panel at the bottom where you know it’s going to hit the chain eventually.

Be sure and get them super-roomy because obviously you’ll be pulling these on OVER what you’re already wearing. Here's how it happens: you’re riding along, it starts pouring, you stop and pull your rainpants on over your jeans and shoes. Don’t expect a little dressing room sitting there in the middle of Tillamook Street with a bench to sit on and a valet to hold your things.

The one criticism I have of these rainpants is that the sizing is way off. I wear the largest size they make, which is called: Large. In reality, I’m size Medium, so I don’t know what the genuinely large people do, not to mention the extra large people. I guess they don’t get to keep dry in the rain. Think of that next time you dis a fat person for not riding their bike in the Oregon weather.


At 4:15 PM, Blogger Jeff said...

That's funny! I never thought of "breathable" fabric that way! I bought some Nashbar rain pants, and they weren't breathable enough...they got wet on the inside and felt gross. Didn't have to complain about it too long though...the right ankle got ripped to shreds by the chain ring!

At 6:27 PM, Blogger kate gawf said...

Thanks, Jeff. That sounds like one Loser pair of rainpants! Thanks to you, in addition to knowing what to buy, we now also know what NOT to buy. You have completed my mission!


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