Friday, April 06, 2007

Reality barges in

My life is not my own this week, as two crucial family members from two different households are out of town and I'm filling in. Day by day, my determination to maintain some semblance of my own routine has flaked away -- you know how that goes. My writing has dwindled -- the number one thing I was going to hold together. Now even the gym workout is out the window. Plus I've been putting horrid mileage on the car, which is absolutely unavoidable in this case. All my plans for living well have been overtaken by living in reality. Oh well. As they say, life happens.

I am on an alien computer now, far away from my stash of fabulous photos. Bear with me, I'll have my comfortable rut back by early next week. Maybe I can squeeze in a post this weekend. I have so much to tell you.



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