Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Coming Soon: Compelling new blog about inner demons

I told you I’d tell you about my dark side, so here I am. It’s time to act.You know what they say – the first step is to tell someone. But I plan to go further than that. So disturbing is my compulsion that I’m taking the bull by the horns and – wait! oh NO! They snapped off! The horns! They snapped off right in my hands! Now the bull is running around without horns – and boy is he mad!

Oh well.

Anyway, to put it in other words, I’m diving in to attack the problem with everything I’ve got. The problem I speak of? I am driven to collect things. Driven. And as a result of it, I am so burdened by too much stuff that I have decided to launch a whole separate blog just about that - about junk and clutter and the process of freeing myself of it.

Sound boring? It won’t be. Don’t forget that each one of us is just one loose screw away from mental illness. And you never know when that one screw is going to loosen, or why. As for me, if I had just one more screw loose, I’d fit right into the “hoarder” category of the mental health textbooks. Already I look at some of the stuff I’ve saved and I shake my head and say “I’m one sick puppy.” But it’s not too late. If I work on it now, I can prevent an avalanche.

To that end, I’m going to be taking some time away from my bike blog. Some. Don’t worry, I’ll pop back into ridemyhandlebars with progress reports as I go. I hope you will join me as I embark on this new, much more difficult (than bicycling) journey – that of uncluttering my life. I’ll post the link to it here as soon as I get the first thing up.

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You're fighting your genes!


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