Thursday, May 03, 2007

Back to Denmark

If you'll recall, I posted some snaps of Anna in Copenhagen a couple of days ago. She was unable to post a response comment since all the instructions come up in Danish over there. (Can you believe that? Of all the nerve!!!) So I asked her a bunch of questions and she emailed back the following.

"There are many unspoken rules. Bikers have their own traffic signals and a proper biking lane. I don't have the stats on how many people have bikes, but it has to be well over 50%.

"No, there are not showers at work. People just put on tennis shoes and ride in. I have seen women in skirts, men in suits, and of course your spadex clad racers.

"Since it is flat here I only have a 3 speed bike. It is very flat in Copenhagen and I rarely switch out of 2nd gear. The only reason for 1st gear is to combat the wind. It seems that no matter which way you are pedaling the wind is always in your face. On a few occasions I had to stop the bike because I just could not pedal into the gusts. I consider myself to have strong legs so this was some serious wind.

"The only thing I miss about owning a car is being able to carry stuff. Other than that I am happy to be on two wheels.

"I attached a photo I took riding to work yesterday, which should answer some questions. The bummer is no other bikers were coming along then. It looks like he is all alone."

(I will post the picture she included later on. Gotta run now. kg)



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