Thursday, November 01, 2007

not enough bike parking

Recently, on a Friday morning, I arrived at the Hollywood Transit Center to find the bike rack there absolutely stuffed. It's one of those wiggle-wave style racks, and every single wave had a bike in it. So I had to just nose mine in where I could on the curb side of it.

When I got back that afternoon I realized how my wheel was hanging out over the wheel chair ramp. Do you see it sticking out there? Am I not horrible?
But I swear there was nothing else around that was skinny enough to lock it to. Of course this means that more people are riding their bikes, which is a wondrous and beautiful thing -- but it also means:

HEEEEELLP! We need more bike racks!

Are you listening , Trimet??


At 12:07 AM, Anonymous Aaron said...

You are not horrible!!
You are simply struggling to deal with a situation in which the folks who plan a facility (trimet) are grossly ignorant of the needs of their customers. Trimet is definitely clueless at times on this issue. There is plenty of room there for someone who's handicapped to get through. As an architect, I've often thought about how the building code requires planners to bend over backwards for accessibility and wouldn't it be great if even a percentage of that was applied to cyclists.

At 9:41 PM, Blogger kate gawf said...

What a beautiful thought, Aaron! I tell you, that day is coming, and I think it might come to Portland first. The awareness of all these biking issues is growing every day -- I really see and hear evidence of this all the time, I'm sure it's not just wishful thinking.
Imagine if there were covered bike parking everywhere!
Regarding Trimet -- did you read that survey they took last summer? It gave me hope that they're at least GETTING a clue. If things keep going in this direction, and if Trimet's listening -- they might one day have to add a whole traincar to the MAX trains just for the bikes! Forget about that measly little half-space just inside the doors. We outgrew that immediately.


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