Monday, November 05, 2007

Perceived Danger becomes reality for one unfortunate person

Last week Lindi emailed me an article about Gresham having decided to put cops on the Max trains as they go through Gresham – to which I’m of course thinking, Yay, because most of the time as I’m standing on the Gresham platform in the evening I’m thinking Eeek, not to mention Ug, and other things like, “Good Lordie, where in God’s green hell are you?” And “This would be a great time for you to get down here,” and "Please do tell what you had in mind when you created that person.”

Call me horrible, but that’s what’s going through my mind, I can’t help it. I’m hearing obscenities at the rate of every other word, and the conversations are about jail, parole, drug deals, lewd sex, revenge, and vendettas.

So when I hear that cops are going to start patrolling the trains, I’m starting to get in a much better mood about catching the train there, and I’m hoping they're going to include patrolling the stations.

The very next day Lindi emails me another
article about a 71 year old man who gets beat up with a baseball bat at the exact station where I wait for the train. It happened at 9:30 on a Saturday night, and though I’m usually getting on the train a good three hours earlier than that, at 6:30, that's not making me feel better because it’s just as dark then and the perps described in the article sound exactly like the creatures I was just telling you about.

So anyway, now of course Lindi is worried, so I have come up with a strategy that I think will be effective should an ugly situation start to develop. For now I will just say that it will not involve the wooden baseball bats I keep in the trunk of my car, as one might assume. But I will have to wait and describe the strategy in tomorrow’s post because it's time to end the day. As a bonus, as a reward for waiting, I may also explain why I keep bats in my trunk.


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