Saturday, February 16, 2008

Like a bump on a log…. or not?

Don’t think for a minute I’ve forgotten about my blog. No. That last story, about Naples, is getting a zillion hits, so I want to leave it up near the top a little longer. Besides, no time to post right now. Too much going on. But just so you know, my next question will be: When do you speak up and when do you not?

What if someone’s wrecking the city furniture? You see evidence of it everywhere, of course – littering, carving of initials into every surface, etc.-- creating a general atmosphere of shabbiness and squalor. So what about the rare occasion when you actually see this in progress? Do you sit there and say nothing? And if so, what are you waiting for? A policeman to come and put a stop to it? Ha. Like that'll happen.

I’ll give you an example I witnessed on the MAX recently. I probably won’t be able to post it till Monday, though. Sorry. But I always follow through, don't I?


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