Sunday, February 03, 2008

Slob sighting results in slob citing

Last night on my way out of Hollywood Transit Center I stopped to chat with the fare inspectors who are always at the bottom of the stairs there. “Wish you’d been around last Sunday evening,” I said, and told them about the peeing man standing almost exactly where they were standing now. "Oh, we heard that broadcast over our radios,” she answered. “One of the drivers reported seeing him, and they caught up with him at another stop and cited him.”

“YAAAAAAAAYYY! GOT ONE!” I cheered inwardly as I wheeled off toward the elevator.

When I got home I called the non-emergency police number for confirmation – you can do that, call in and get the results of something you reported – but according to them, the guy slipped off the train by the time they caught up with it. Darnit. I liked the inspector’s version much better. She must’ve been talking about a different guy. (I don't think t
hey even work on Sunday nights, so how could they have heard it?) Oh well. At least someone got busted for peeing.

I asked the person at the non-emergency number if she thought that peeing was a dumb reason to call the police. She assured me it was a perfectly good reason, since this one kind of aberrant behavior is often accompanied by others, such as drunkenness or having one’s privates exposed.

So there. Yeah.


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