Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weather Headlines Blanket Area News

Well, shoot. Just when I was going to post my report on Friday's bike-car collision (someone else's), this happened. Snow. I don't know about your part of the world, but in Oregon, "news" about weather supercedes all news about everything else. Had there been a snowstorm on 9-11, our local news would've been all over it and we'd have had to wait till it was over to hear about the World Trade Center. So, not to be upstaged by our local obsession, I'm giving in and posting today's weather photo instead.

(You Minnesota-heads, quit laughing. Yes, this is what we call snow here. It happens ONCE every other year, and we're not going to invest in an army of snowplows just for that, I am so sorry. Besides, you can't see the lethal layer of ice underneath it all.)

Trudging along a desolate row of semi-residential blocks in Gresham I came upon this abandoned effort by some frozen soul trying fruitlessly to venture outside his skill set and equip this horseless carriage for the impending blizzard.

One partially installed set of chains hung lifelessly from the tire. The instructions, spread out on the ground with the best of intentions, lay flapping in the wind, held down by the second set of chains left there hastily still in its plastic wrapping.

No other sign of human life for miles around. You could still hear the swear words, frozen over the scene like icicles.


At 3:11 AM, Blogger Dale said...

Oh God, that's very funny. Poor soul.


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