Tuesday, December 02, 2008


If this car thing was going to majorly change my plans for the evening, I had to at least make it to Jessica's and back before the tow truck came. I'd promised interesting snacks, things her sick self would actually be able to eat, and I'd stopped at the store to buy said items. No way was I not delivering.

Tow truck dispatch said an hour. I start walking -- or might I say wading. No worries about saving anything since I was already so drenched. I slogged through lakes and streams and fjords in my leather shoes.

I arrived just as the paper bag clutched under my arm reached its saturation point and dissolved completely, ejecting its contents as I tripped into her living room when she answered my ring. Piping hot, innard-warming tea appeared in seconds, I know not how since I was the one who'd brought it, still in leaf form, dry inside a glass jar.
The oaten cakes with apple butter immediately followed. And then, harshly truncating our splendorious visit to the most condensed tea time in history - ten minutes -- the tow truck driver called.


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