Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Self-assisted Vehicularcide

A few days later the mechanic called with an estimate of over a thousand dollars. Lindi and I had already decided way last year that "no heroic measures" were to be taken to save either of our cars. I called Mr Flatbed and said my car was up for sale again, but no deal. So off it went, to auction for OPB. Somebody will buy it for parts. It's probably in several pieces already, providing organ donations for similar cars.

It's ok. Weep not for my loss. It was time. I feel unburdened, and so does Lindi. Just yesterday while we were buying windshield wipers for her car, we realized we were saving twenty bucks by not having to replace the rotted ones on my car as well. Not to mention an extra $400 a year on insurance, etcetera etcetera. Now, after these two years of practice and preparation for this moment, I can achieve my lifelong ambition and step into my coveted role as: The Car-less Wonder.

The Carless Wonder? Hello? Tomorrow I'll post a pictorial example I snapped today of the kind of commitment to car-lessness you can find in exponentially multiplying numbers all over Portland. It'll make me look like a rubber raft in a sea of schooners.


At 6:26 PM, Blogger Dale said...


Alas, my bycicle is sick and I haven't had time to take it to the bike doctor. Soon. You're inspiring, Kate!

At 7:09 PM, Blogger Dukey Monster said...

Lately a 6 AM commute in 38 degree darkness seems so unfriendly to my 40-year-old bones. I try -- I really, really try -- to move toward car-less, but alas I have to settle for car-light.

I admire you!

At 12:17 PM, Blogger kate gawf said...

Dale. One needs an extra bike to keep on hand for such occasions.

At 1:07 PM, Blogger kate gawf said...

Dukey Monster: It's getting your butt out the door and onto the bike that's the unfriendly part. But once you get going, you're toasty -- IF you have the right clothing. And IF we're talking about BIcycling. I can't tell for sure from a quick look at your blog, but if you're talking about motorcycling, that's another story. That's got to be the freezing-est thing you can do. Otherwise I'd be right out there doing it, believe me. But on a bicycle you warm right up in the first ten minutes. Breathable wind-proof & water-proof clothing, that's all you need.

But car-light is good, any way you configure it. (Do I hear zip-car calling my name?) If everyone did car-light, our poor worn out globe would get a massive break.

PS: I hate to be a bad news bear, but dark and cold will seem even more unfriendly when your bones are 54, no matter what kind of bike you're on.

At 10:40 PM, Blogger Dukey Monster said...

Hi kate. I am in fact referring to bicycling to work in the cold, dark hour of a Monday morning. Brr. Warm, windproof clothes certainly help, and I gather them into a pile every night for the next morning. The problem, as you wrote about in your latest entry, is that I have a CHOICE between riding in the blast of cold wind while wiping tears from my eyes and snot juice from my nose, or driving in the warmth of a car while listening to a good CD.

But you are right; the unfriendliest part is getting my butt out the door and onto the bike.


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