Thursday, October 11, 2007

Photo of Vandalized Bike at Hollywood Transit Center

Here’s the promised photo. The owner of this bike must’ve been mad as a hornet. Are you listening, Tri-met? We need safe places for our bikes if this public transportation thing is going to work. Safe, and dry, please.

Here’s another suggestion for Tri-Met. How about more than 2 benches at any one station? And could you please locate them out of the rain? How about: under the shelter? Good grief, of what use is a wet bench? Who is going to sit on that?

And two benches is never enough. At most two people can sit on any one bench. Very few people of sound mind are willing to wedge in cheek-to-cheek with a complete stranger. And in the case of a really weird complete stranger (not a scarce breed), one is consigned to let them have the whole bench to themselves. There are some people one simply doesn’t dare share a bench with, and Tri-Met should figure that in when it’s calculating its seating. No fair claiming you’re providing seating for six when you know darn well no more than four people would ever sit there at the same time. And anyway, seating for six when there are dozens of people milling around? That's pitiful.


At 8:28 PM, Blogger Jeff Moser said...

My wife lost her front wheel this week! She loaded the bike on the roof rack, but forgot to put the wheel in the car before she came to pick me up from work. I noticed the wheel was missing, and we drove back to where she loaded the bike. Only 15 minutes later, in a residential neighborhood, and the wheel was gone!

She handed out some fliers today with a $20 reward. If it doesn't turn up, it's going to be a $160 replacement for the wheel, disc, and tire!

Wheel thieves are on the loose...

At 7:58 AM, Blogger kate gawf said...

This exact thing happened to me once. I was transporting the bike on the back of my car after having repacked my hubs, and apparently didn’t set the wheel back in right. It dropped off somewhere. I retraced my path minutes later (through a nice neighborhood) but no luck!
In my opinion, finding and keeping a lost item without making an effort to return it counts as thievery.
I hope the flyers work and that she gets it back.

At 8:00 PM, Blogger Jeff Moser said...

The flyers worked! Got a call today that the wheel had been placed on my mom's front porch. I went and picked it up, and it was in perfect shape. A good ending!


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