Monday, May 08, 2006

Big Mike the Window Man

Riding past the school in the mornings, I see that I am by no means not the only admirer of Rianne’s Dutch Cargo Bike often parked there by itself. Thursday morning two women out walking a little boy on a scooter stood around it discussing its many features. The next day, a cargo bike of a different kind sat pulled up alongside it, the rider gazing curiously at it this more elegant version as if trying to memorize it.

His name was Big Mike and his bike was fitted for cargo of a non-living nature. He said he built it himself, as he has built many others. Not one to fuss over the perfect sign, logo, and business name, he has scrawled his information onto the side of his “truck” with a can of spray paint.

While we stood there discussing cargo bikes, a woman in a station wagon pulled up and asked him about his services, having read his sign. Did he have a really long ladder, she asked, not seeing one. No, but I have a really long pole, he answered, nodding toward the bed of his box. Some parts of a pole lay there waiting to be assembled as needed. “OK, well can you come over now and do some windows for me?” He said sure, he’d be right over. She called out her address as she rolled around the corner, and after politely wrapping up his conversation with me, he rode off in her direction.

Big Mike does all his work from this vehicle or from one of several others like it, all built by him. I’d like to know if anyone else has used his services. He gave me a web address but I can’t get it to work. I’m going to give him a call and report back.

Photo to be posted upon overcoming technical difficulties.


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