Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bicycle Nuptials

I arrived at the tail end of the ceremonies, just in time to witness Skyler be married to his bicycle Christopher. Skyler was the last wedding to take place because he was busy all day being the minister. Here he is shown being married by this stand-in minister (whose name I didn’t get, sorry) who had only just stepped into the role momentarily so that Skyler could get married too.

As for me, I wouldn’t marry my bicycle, but only because I’m already taken, by a perfectly good human being. I can well understand why people would marry their bicycles, though. A good bike can prove far more reliable than many human beings you can find out there.

Another reason I’d seriously hesitate to marry my bike, even if I were single, is that with a bicycle the monogamy thing would be a real challenge. There are many bikes I desire, while there is only one person. I am constantly drooling over other bikes I see, and wondering if I shouldn’t move into something better than what I have. If I had the space, I’d own a whole fleet of bikes. A harem, you might say.

But as far as people go, I can’t imagine that my current situation could be improved upon. Lindi is better than a whole fleet of the best bicycles.


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