Tuesday, June 27, 2006

More Carnage

Girl-jouster issues bloodcurdling battle cry upon seeing enemy combatant, then steadies herself for the charge.

The events I’ve been picturing took place at the Pedal Palooza Bike Fair, the final event of a two week festival that sprouted in various forms all over the city. I regret to inform you that I failed to attend the Nude Bike Ride on the Saturday-before-last at midnight. I could just scream, I’m so mad I missed that. Though I am completely bereft of any desire to ride in the nude myself, I would have wanted to be there for you -- my readers -- to bring you the event as well as I could through my words and my camera. Next year.

However, if you stay tuned, I’ll bring you more on the fair – tune in soon for the photos from the Marry Your Bike booth, and more.


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