Friday, June 23, 2006

Pencil-blog idea on hold for the moment

If you read the comments section of my last postings, you’ll see that so far I’ve gotten all no votes on the pencil-blog idea. Thank you however for the complements on my current blog – I’m truly moved. Don’t worry, I wasn’t thinking of giving up the bike blog to do the pencil blog, but of maintaining both blogs – although yes, that might mean I’d have to alternate between the two sometimes.

The problem is that the bike topic is so gigantic that I feel perpetually overwhelmed. You’d be amazed at what’s going on out there in bike land that I don’t find time to even mention. It makes me feel so inadequate. I find the world hopelessly overstimulating and I’m looking for ways to pare my scope of observation down to a manageable level.

Writing about pencils, I could begin to feel like I knew something for a change. And you’re mistaken if you think it would be boring. Nothing is boring if you plunge deeply into it, as I would. The reason for the rampant lack of interest in pencils is pure ignorance. Very few people know anything at all about them. If people knew certain things, they couldn’t help but be fascinated.

Never mind then, for now. I’ll let you know if things develop any further in that direction. (I’ll look for a sign.).

As for a blog about Salmon Man, don’t think I haven’t thought of that – except I want Salmon Man to start his own blog. If he would ever answer my email, we could talk. Otherwise I’ll just have to wait till I see him again and flag him down. I might inquire at some of the cafes in my neighborhood where he’s been seen by friends of mine. By the way, I forgot to ask him his name (can you tell I used to be a newspaper reporter?). I found out during the next days as I told friends and co-workers about my encounter and many of them exclaimed, “Oh! You met Salmon-Man!” I was one of the last to know.

In other news..... The horse, which has been missing for almost two weeks now, has been replaced – and yes, I have pictures! Will post forthwith. A subtle but definite change is taking place. I’m sure you’ll see what I mean. Check back tonight or tomorrow.

PS: Don’t you feel drawn in just by looking at that poignant photograph of the pencil? I could tell you what kind of sharpener was used on it and why it’s the Environmentally Incorrect sharpener. Just ask me. (I know you want to.)


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