Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Those of us with opposable thumbs can help the fish.

Here is a photo of Salmon Man. Unfortunately you cannot adequately see the salmon on his head, but it’s there. In his hand he is holding two things: one, there between his thumb and pinky, is one of the notorious shirt tags he mentioned to me (see previous posting); the other is his mini-flyer on exactly ¼ of a standard sheet of paper, double-sided, on which he has squeezed the essence of his message, including equations showing fuel and oxygen consumption required to move items of certain weights. Oxygen is needed by the salmon to breathe, and by the foliage that lines the rivers to create shade, something the salmon can’t do without. His final message: “You – with opposables and notochord -- can easily remove cover from Plate Art, but salmon cannot choose where to spawn.” He says “Ask for ecopy of this card then share>”

I will now write him an email and let him know of his stardom in my blog. Perhaps he will add further thoughts in the comment section. Have a look back in a day or so.

If I see him again, I promise a close-up of his salmon and perhaps even instructions on how to make one of your very own.


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