Thursday, October 05, 2006

Lameness in horses and people

I’ve been lame in my reporting on the horses of late – partly because last I looked, the horse was lame. That one across from the Pearl Bakery that for some reason gets so much abuse? the one that gets abducted regularly and has to be replaced? I went by there a while ago and someone had chopped off its front feet. Is that sick, or what? But wait -- I go by two days later and someone has chopped off its head. I am not making this up, and I have photos to prove it. Except that I can’t possibly publish anything so gruesome on my blog, I just can’t. You want to see gore, you just go turn on your television set – I for one refuse to add to the torrent of ghastly images so relentlessly inundating the collective human consciousness today.

Possible explanations for this behavior:
Person’s cuteness threshold has been seriously challenged by plastic horses and they just can’t take it anymore.
Person has macabre sense of humor and wishes to creep out horse people and passersby.
Person is testing the waters for remake of Godfather.
Person lost big money on Barbaro and is taking it out on other horses.

And then of course there’s always the possibility of certifiable illness -- that there’s some poor soul out there afflicted with a need to amputate parts of horses. In that case we can all be grateful that the horse project is providing them a way to exercise this need on a placebo horse. Yay, horse project.

I’m leaving town today for a somewhat remote area, so if I don’t find a place to log on tomorrow, I’ll just have to skip the Friday post and call this a four day blog week. But you never know, I might find some little roadside café that’s hooked up, so check in. In any event I will be posting Monday for sure.


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