Monday, October 02, 2006

Things That Go Bonk in the Day

Here’s what was happening. I don’t mean in my watermelon days (see last post), I mean recently. I’d get home at the end of a day, and I’d flop onto the couch immediately – so spent that I felt like I was shaking. Even though I’d hold my hand up and see that I wasn’t shaking, inside I felt I was shaking like a leaf.

I’m not talking about a feeling of hunger. I’d maybe feel somewhat hungry, but more accurately I would say I felt depleted – depleted to the point where my body was drawing on whatever it could find in there for sustenance. In other words, stealing. Taking fuel from my very organs, or anyway from someplace that couldn’t afford it.

I had to eat something, anything, right away – the half hour till dinner was too far to wait. I just wanted to get rid of the feeling as soon as possible. It took a while for it to go away though.

I’m not talking about a day spent riding down from Seattle. This is after a normal day of riding to work, to a couple of other places, and back home. Total riding time, spread out throughout the day? 60 to 90 minutes.

Here’s the quirk, though – sometimes the bonk would happen, sometimes it wouldn’t. Sometimes I’d feel fantastic after I got home. Like if I ate something, shortly before I rode home? It wouldn’t happen. Duh.

How hard it that to figure out? Well it isn’t completely that simple, because sometimes if I'd eaten a crummy lunch, that wouldn’t really work. Also, it depended what the thing I ate before coming home was. A cookie would work great. And who doesn’t want an excuse to eat a cookie?

So what's the deal? Must I eat all day long if I’m to have enough energy to ride my bike? Well then, if I need all that food, shouldn’t I be able to eat all day long without acquiring the dreaded additional flesh? But that’s not how it works. I eat all day, I start to look like I eat all day.


But I’m starting to find some answers. And it’s about time. Even though I figured out the watermelon thing long ago, I’ve never gotten on top of the relationship between food and energy to the point where I neither BONK nor expand. Finally things are beginning to make some sense.

More to come. Meanwhile, do you like my larger font? Or is it obnoxious? I don't want to scream at people, I just want to be easy to read.


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