Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Apparently the holiday has commenced...

I was going to tell you the rest of the post office story this morning, but I just checked my site meter and I’ve gotten exactly three hits today. Three. So I’m thinking, hmm, maybe I’ll wait till y’all come back, otherwise you might miss it.

I know where you all are and I know what you’re doing – because I was just at the grocery store myself at 8:00 AM and I saw you there. Every single one of you. At least the Portland ones. As for the rest of you, no doubt you’re doing the same thing in your town. Getting ready for Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday in the whole wide world.

I have a ton of readers. About a third of them are from here. I may not know who you are, but I know you’re in Oregon because my sitemeter tells me. Another third are from other states, and about a quarter are from other countries. Especially Holland, for some reason. And speaking of Holland? As you've already heard, they majorly know how to do the bike thing. And it turns out, so does Denmark, which I didn’t know. At least Copenhagen.

For a special holiday treat, you can watch this little video of biking in Holland and Denmark and a couple of other places. It’s about 14 minutes long. You’ll see that compared to them, Portland has a long way to go. Way long. Makes you realize we’re absolutely NUTS to try to combine biking with cars as much as we do.

Click here and then click on the video called Cycle Friendly.
Warning: you will want to move to Amsterdam.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Don't know if I'll pop in during the next four days or not. I'm leaving it open.


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