Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Man Inadvertently Models Life According to Unknown Book

That guy Chris I blogged about yesterday? He wrote in. Read his comment below yesterday’s post. His story is the living example of that book I reviewed here last September called How to Live Well Without Owning a Car, by Chris Balish. He didn’t mention the book, so I don’t know if he’s read it, or he just learned it all from that amazing friend he mentions in his comment – who outdoes me by light years and whom I want to meet! I’m sending a link to this post to Chris Balish. He’ll be so thrilled that the idea is sprouting up all over, with him and without him. Soon after I wrote that review, the link to it was posted by an East coast commuter site and I got hundreds of hits through them. It makes my day to know that I helped spread the word about that book. So if you can, send someone you know the link to my blog for today, and maybe one more person on the planet will start weighing the alternatives. The book is excellent and fun to read. He covers it all, every obstacle you can think of that might impede your efforts to JUST SAY NO TO CARS.

PS: tomorrow I bring you fantastic news about Portland's bike status in the country.



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