Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rain Gear Mysteriously Reappears

Miracle. I just found my lost rain pants and shoe covers. They’ve been lost for weeks -- maybe longer -- and it’s really been turning me into a wimp about riding in the rain. The whining was getting out of control – just ask Lindi. I've even had her drop me off at the MAX station a couple of times in her car. (I can’t believe I’m admitting this publicly, but there you go.) The silent internal whining has been even worse. I was starting to not like the person from whence it came.

This just goes to show that the clothes make the cyclist. You think those people are out there riding in all that mess because they’re tough? Because they’re stronger than you? Because they have more guts than you? Not. It’s because they have the right equipment. That’s all. You get the right equipment and you think you’re Wonder Woman – which I am decidedly not, but I do enjoy the illusion. People peering out their rain-streaked windows don’t know whether to pity or admire me. But they know this – or at least they think they do -- they couldn’t do what I’m doing. Of course, they’re wrong – if they got the right rain gear, they could.

Anyway, regarding finding my lost rain gear? I kept re-playing the tape I had in my head of folding up the pants just so, then the shoe covers, noticing how impossible they are to fold, then slipping them ….. somewhere…. into some kind of a ….slot… But where? Tonight while eating dinner my gaze fell upon the shoe-shelf we had built to put by the front door. “I wonder if I could’ve tucked them in there……. gasp!!! There they are!" I ran over and -- presto!

I’m all set! I can do anything!!! Yay, life is easy again!

Whining’s over!

(Lindi! You can come out now!)


At 10:08 AM, Blogger Jeff said...

I rode my bike to work in a snow storm this morning, and got many "you're crazy" looks from people. What they don't realize is that I got some pretty high tech clothes on. I'm probably warmer than they are sitting in their cars. I have a lot of money invested in cycling clothes for all types of weather. It's hard to put a price on comfort, and the stuff lasts for a long time.

At 11:59 AM, Blogger kate gawf said...

If people only knew how cozy we are inside our fabulous equipment, a lot more people would bike. And you're so right -- some of it is spendy, but it doesn't pay to buy the cheap stuff that protects you on the outside while getting you just as soaked from sweating to death on the inside.

At 9:03 PM, Blogger The Alley Cat said...

Cozy is the word. Expensive indeed. And am I ever so thankful for my Burley shoe covers. Other than visibility, dry feet are the most important part of cycling in the rain.


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