Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Horse Rings are Ready

Not enough time to write this morning, but I want to highlight this post that came in yesterday from Kim Upham:

"Don't worry...I'm sure we soon will be returning to these forms of transportation so long as gas prices continue their trend and oil becomes harder to extract. Those Portland horse rings may actually be used once again for their original purpose. Why don't you talk to those caballeros about helping us out. Oh, and watch your never know."

Maybe this whole horse phenomenon is an omen of what's to come. Maybe it's saying, Notice the horse rings, because we might need them. Almost every aspect of our life is designed around accommodating the car, and many of the results are detrimental. How would life look with a tenth of the cars we depend on now? Portland has tried to consider the scale of the human being in its planning of (at least) our downtown. Would Portland, as a result, be more adaptable than certain other cities to make the kind of a shift to a drastic reduction in car traffic? I would like to think so.

More later.


At 10:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are several towns in California- Woodside, Ojai, and Acton, where people are committed to using horses as a means of transportation whenever possible. In fact, there are grocery stores, restaurants and even bars that all have hitching posts outside. Pretty cool way of life, don't you think?


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