Sunday, July 02, 2006

Relentless Horsenapping Continues

I interrupt the Bike Fair coverage to bring you this latest horse report.

If you remember from my latest horse report (Fourth horse from the sun), the horse with the bad hair had just appeared. A mere one or two days after that posting, I noticed that that horse too had vanished, like the others, leaving yet another severed cable attached to the horse ring. This, I thought, had to be the shortest ever horse installation.

Last Friday I was walking to lunch with a co-worker at around 1:00 when I spied a FIFTH horse standing over there in the usual spot next to the fire hydrant. Though I had my camera with me, my reputation as a sane person was still intact with this relatively new co-worker. Wanting to cherish such a rare perspective for as long as possible, I elected not to interrupt our conversation to dart across the street, crouch down in the gutter in the path of oncoming cars and begin snapping multiple photos of a tiny plastic horse.

It wasn't easy to restrain myself because I could see even from across the street that it was a particularly adorable horse – but I forced myself to wait.

So you can imagine my excitement when I emerged from work at the Friday-influenced time of 4:45 to finally photograph the horse. Most of my co-workers had left for the 4th of July weekend, so now I was free to photograph to my heart’s content, even if it required pretzeling myself into contorted positions in search of the ever more dramatic angle. Well – and by now you’ve guessed it – the little horse was GONE!

I have yet to find out if this is happening to all the horses or just this one. I ask you, is there someone out there on a mission to remove plastic horses from the face of our city? This would entail patrolling around with a pair of cable cutters – and not the kind you can stick in your back pocket. These cables ain’t no pipe cleaners. So the 'someone' is being rather aggressive about this. And in the middle of the day? It’s too weird. I for one find it really annoying. What kind of person would go to such lengths to be such a consummate party poop?


At 4:58 PM, Blogger Jessica said...

Oh, if we could only post video cameras at each horse to catch the culprit...


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