Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ride Wanted - Rickshaw idea draws throngs

I interrupt my Minnesota coverage to bring you the following announcement: Someone out there most urgently wants a ride in a rickshaw. Click on the comments section after my posting on the one-and-only rickshaw in Portland, below. My blog is suddenly being pelted with hits from people visiting that page. Unfortunately I know not the rickshaw owners shown. Nor do I know who the interested readers may be. (And I for one am grateful that the Internet technology is not so Big-Brotherish as to provide me with that information.) But if any visitors know the described “Rick” and “Kari” please do pass the word. I do not even know their last names -- though one could certainly make an educated stab in the dark as to Rick’s last name. Ha ha.

Maybe then Rick and Kari could hurl themselves into business of giving rides, and thereby allow me to claim that employment was created on account of my blog. Rick and Kari, are you out there? Please write in to the comments section.


At 4:22 PM, Anonymous kari said...

it's me, Kari. it's really fun! we could perhaps work out a deal if people really want a ride or to see it. we are not a business or anything, but perhaps some donations might be appreciated in exchange for a ride. at this point we pretty much only travel in SE, as any hills are tough.

At 10:31 PM, Blogger kate gawf said...

Has the Hawthorne Street Fair happened yet? Maybe you guys could work that as an experiment, see what kind of response you get. I musta had a hundred hits from people looking for the rickshaw story.
Do you have any ideas on how we should proceed with this? If you guys made a plan I could announce it on my blog. Maybe you should email me. I'll give you the address in code to prevent the spammers from finding me. It's: kate at gawf dot net.


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