Wednesday, November 01, 2006

And she loses yet another thing

I can't stand it. Is there some kind of bike riders lost & found in this town? On my way across town this morning I dropped my lunch bag. Total loss: one green (w other colors) padded lunch bag; one tub of hot oatmeal with currants and toasted sunflower seeds; one gray angora neck scarf which was wrapped around the tub of oatmeal. I was so looking forward to eating that, I can't tell you. Imagine my primal scream when I arrived all the way across town starving for breakfast and it wasn't there. There must be a solution to lost items of cyclists. Any suggestions?


At 4:45 PM, Anonymous rlk said...

A fellow oatmeal packer like me! :)

I simply pack my lunch (along with my work clothes) in a largish brown paper bag (that I reuse over and over and over and over again...) that I place (on top) in a messenger bag that I sling around my back, and it works great. No rattling racks in the back (just rattling fenders).

I'd be upset about my missing breakfast too!

Messenger bag is the answer to lots of commuting problems!


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