Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Portland: City of 10,000 Lakes

Thurday was the night of my close call with death. Friday I didn’t ride. Saturday I rode during the daylight, but I haven’t ridden since then. The rain keeps getting heavier, coming down in sheets. Now it’s gotten past the ridiculous point, so that even daylight doesn't help.

“NO” votes from friends and loved ones are flying in at a phenomenal rate, even from those who don’t know about Thursday night. “I hope you’re not out riding in this, Kate,” says my mother, who doesn’t read my blog. My mother-in-law, who apparently does read my blog, sent an email from Minnesota containing the word ‘suicide,’ and her recommendation that we
keep both cars.

“I don't want to sound like someone's mother, which I am,” emails a friend, “but trekking around on your bike in this %$#!@##$%^ weather seems incredibly unsafe.”

Besides the rain and low-light conditions impairing visibility, huge lakes have formed at many intersections. And small lakes are everywhere, and even a small lake is big to a bicycle. As happens every year, the rate of falling leaves beats the rate at which the city can get around and unclog the drains. Last night when I drove to my parents’ house there was one lake that I swear was waist deep, over by Westmoreland Golf course. Cars were making u-turns and heading back the other way. When I got there, I saw a VW bug coming on through it. I didn’t stick around for the ending, but last I looked it was up to its door handles and still coming.
Lotsa luck, little buggie, I’m outa here!

I may be crazy, but I’m not stupid. And a lot of drivers are – as are a lot of bicyclists and people in general -- though you don’t have to be a bad driver to make a bubu in this weather. Anyone can do it. My own mother could run over me in this and not even notice.

Consequently I’m turning this into a public transportation blog until the weather behaves.

OK, Trimet, this is a TEST to see if you’ve improved since I last tried this.


At 8:11 PM, Blogger vj said...

I'm hoping this weather is finally on its way out. And I'm sorry to hear about your close encounter the other night. Thursday was a bad night. There were multiple car operators who didn't see me, so I did lots of stopping and pulling over, and usually then they'd see me, never actually adding it up that I was just being careful because they were distracted. Argh. Anyways, stay safe.


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